There is no sustainable change anywhere in the world without good, strong and effective LEADERSHIP in any area of personal, community or national life.

We bring leadership training to everyone, because we believe EVERYONE IS A LEADER.
…and it will take leadership to achieve all 17 of the SDG from now until 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals).

It takes leadership to get more girls into school worldwide.
It takes leadership to stop gender-based violence in your community or get yourself tested for HIV/AIDS.

It takes leadership to repair broken relationships, or claw ourselves out of debt, change the things that aren’t working in our lives and keep hold of our life-pen, to write our own unique story.
It takes leadership to face and climb impossibly high walls that challenge us at different stages of life.

It takes leadership to achieve goals for our families and save for a better future; leadership is about taking initiative and living courageously.

It takes leadership to see and take responsibility for what we want to change in our communities, to fight for justice and equality and to stand up for the weak and vulnerable.
All this is leadership
Our training equips people to
LEAD their lives proactively and to release their potential
LEAD their teams,
LEAD their finances and
LEAD a project to benefit others.

Sustainable Development Goals we actively support




“The trainer was very inspirational. I started seeing myself as a leader and felt the need to work more closely with my colleagues other than thinking about my target only.”
M&S supplier Packhouse Employee - Kenya
“I don’t wait for the supervisor to watch me before I work – I take action now!”
Worker, Vegpro, Kenya
“Before when my line leader summoned me I used to hide in the bathroom because I felt scared. Now when I see them I say hello! I realise they are just a person with responsibility not an adversary.”
Trainee in Kenya


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