Emerging Leaders exists to bring tangible HOPE into vulnerable communities in Africa and the UK, through LEADERSHIP TRAINING.

There is no sustainable or long-lasting change anywhere in the world without strong LEADERSHIP.

Our NGO believes that leadership training can call out the Leader in everyone – if we don’t learn to lead ourselves we won’t lead anyone else

Acquiring the position of ‘Leader’ in a vulnerable community, without learning to LEAD YOURSELF for the benefit of others, is the road that leads to corruption, nepotism, deep frustration, cycles of poverty & violence, characterised in one word…..HOPELESSNESS.

Good, strong and affective leadership restores HOPE.

“The work by Emerging Leaders creates hope”
Vincent Mayo, Director, Tear Fund, Malawi
“Leadership for Hope contains teachings needed to shape the new generation of leaders”
Patrick Kaudzu, General Secretary, SCOM


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best



Meet the team who are bringing tangible hope through Leadership training into the worlds’ most vulnerable communities in Africa and the UK.

The Directors and Core Team

Our Global Advisory group


– We are passionate about releasing the leadership potential of the world’s most vulnerable communities, to bring about justice, transformational change and lasting hope

– We believe in bringing the values of generosity, compassion and inclusivity into all our interactions

– We are committed to living in our ‘stretch zone’, both personally and organisationally, in order to build courage, flexibility, creativity and honesty

– We encourage a continuous bias towards action and proactivity; making things happen, getting things done

– We keep joy as our compass; fun, playfulness, energy and well-being