– A programme that empowers children to LEAD their own lives

Emerging Leaders has recognised the need to help children to learn, in their early years, how to LEAD their own lives.

We want children within our families and communities to leave school being able to approach life’s problems with courage, think creatively and be resourceful in their daily lives.

We intuitively hope our young people will develop strong character and have a heart for others and their world (showing empathy).

But how will they learn these core life-skills?

Our new LEAD NOW programme, for children aged 8-13 years, is designed to equip children with the motivation, leadership mind-sets and entrepreneurial skills to LEAD their lives and thrive.

“This is amazing, LEAD NOW has actually impacted even the studies of the children, not just their behaviour. It shows that MINDSETS are changing.”

131 BILLION children worldwide are living in poverty*

They are part of the 2.5 billion who have no adequate sanitation, which denies them a healthy start to life. They live with fragile food security and they must learn how to survive around violence and the insecurity that is associated with poverty.

But whether you are a Syrian child in a refugee camp in Lebanon, a child living rough on the streets of Mumbai, a child in a favela in South America or a child living in a deprived housing estate in the UK – children will always be able to tell you their dreams. “I want to be a teacher, a dancer, a writer, a lawyer or an astronaut……….” they always know and never shy away from telling you, when given the opportunity. The desire to LEAD themselves is already there.

“Leadership is the ability to create a story that affects the thoughts, feeling and actions of others”
– Howard Gardner
…and all children inherently know that they have potential and a story that they want to write.

39Whatever the awful circumstances that overcrowd a child’s dreams, the dream never dies. The dreams just sleep and wait for someone to call to them, wake them up, put courage into them, create leadership mind-sets (new ways of thinking), mentor and support them.

Emerging Leaders has recognised the need to help children to learn, in their early years, how to LEAD their own lives.

Before we are ever able to take the role of a Leader, we have to learn what it means to LEAD our own lives and our relationships.

The programme can be delivered into schools by trained teachers, or by trusted youth workers within the community. It provides a minimum of 12hrs of fun, kinaesthetic, leadership training, which culminates in every child running a small project to benefit their community – to exercise their new Leadership muscle.

*UNICEF 2015


Indiscipline & Bullying

There was a 26% fall in reported indiscipline & behavior such a bullying, fighting and inter-pupil conflict; a fall from 6-8 reports of bad behavior to the Deputy heads office a week, to almost zero.

Class Participation

Class participation increased by 20% and teachers remarked on children showing greater facial expression (smiling and laughter) and greater confidence during discussions in class.

Homework Submitted

Almost immediately we noticed that the children’s attitude to study improved: a 25% increase in homework being submitted, more children were asking for help with schoolwork & school attendance went up by 23%.

Exam Grades

In mid-term exams we saw an impressive improvement of grades by 76% across the school: an increase in Mathematics exam results by 56% & 76% in English.

*Impact Data taken from one primary school in Kenya where 550 pupils, aged 8-13 years, received 15hrs of the LEAD NOW programme


“Nowadays I plan my week before it starts, I know what subjects I want to work on and improve, I pick two subjects per week. I make sure that the week is not taking my life-pen from me and writing my story. I lift up my head and ask myself, ‘How do I want my week to look like… I have my pen, what kind of a story do I want to write in my studies this week?’ This programme has helped me become proactive and I can keep my focus, for I know what to do at each time of the day.”
“I believed in my own Potential, I set goals for myself in every aspect of my life. I said to myself, 300 and above is where my FOCUS must be.”
“I realized that I was always angry and fighting in class. I was always spending time outside class, because of bullying and fighting. I said to myself, ‘if I don’t work on my CHARACTER first, then I was always going to be a SMALL PERSON and not the BIG PERSON I really want to be’. I had to CHANGE SOMETHING so that I could concentrate in class and be a better person, which has given me more time to FOCUS and study.”


“I saw the pupils working hard, regardless of their positions in class. I noticed a child in my class who improved in her score, but she was still last in positions, yet she was happy and smiling. She said she would keep working hard towards getting a better score in the future. I have noticed that the SELF ESTEEM in class is high, which tells a lot about how they FEEL and SEE THEMSELVES.”
“This is amazing, LEAD NOW has actually impacted even the studies of the children, not just their behaviour. It shows that MINDSETS are changing.”
“This latest exam was difficult, it was really hard. Two thirds of the questions set in these mid-term exams had not been covered, yet we saw the children being positive. They didn’t panic; instead they were calm and lead their studies. It showed them what LEADERSHIP looks like in action.”


Helping children to understand their awesome brain and how it affects their