What business wouldn’t want to have a more productive workforce; a bunch of workers who see and take responsibility and have a greater sense of ownership in their job-role. A workforce who aren’t consumed by their own overwhelming home-worries around personal debt, relationship difficulties and the corrosive grip of additions.

A business where turnover, discrimination and harassment all decrease.

In a recent Human Rights Report, sponsored by M&S into the work of Emerging Leaders, the research showed that when people start to LEAD their own lives and wake up to their immense and unique potential every aspect of their lives can begin to change.

When business invests in their workforce with Leadership Training, people start to see themselves as the author of their own story and the story of the business they work for.

Emerging Leaders training in businesses in Senegal, India, South Africa and Kenya showed that even workers from illiterate backgrounds could understand the training and use it to great effect on a personal level, which then benefitted the business by creating a ‘happier’ and more proactive worker.

As a consequence of the training, workers LEAD themselves out of debt, LEAD themselves to start saving their wages and learn to budget. Sometimes they LEAD themselves back to school, LEAD themselves out of abusive relationships and gave up addictive habits.

When mindsets change…the business story changes too

For a copy of the Human Rights Report on the Emerging Leaders training programme LEADERSHIP for LIFE contact jane@emerging-leaders.net