Since 2014 Emerging Leaders has been bringing LEADERSHIP TRAINING into South Africa through the agricultural supply-chain and has now trained 6,000 people. Teaching people how to LEAD in all aspects of their lives.

LEADERSHIP means so many things…leading yourself out of debt, leading yourself back to education, leading yourself to improve your living conditions, leading yourself to fight corruption, get off drugs or clean up your neighbourhood.

There is no sustainable change anywhere in the world without good, strong Leadership.

Right now, Emerging Leaders is mid-way through a ‘Project’, to train 1,100 prisoners in the Western Cape (near Cape Town).


Robben Island prison, South Africa


Personal Feedback: So, let’s hear from our trainers about what the impact has been

During the course one person shared that he now realises that he’s given his life-pen away to crime and he now wants to impact his community for good when he is released. He wants to leave a legacy when he returns, living as a person of integrity.

Another shared that he had no self-confidence and he felt this was due to his difficult upbringing, which led to deep anger and ‘ignorant behaviour’. But since the training he said he now saw himself as a leader and wants to work at trusting people again, so that they could also trust him.

One inmate started running a 2-minute noodle collection project in prison, so he could donate this to a welfare organization. He’s also indicated that he will donate R1000 from his personal money to buy tin food and donate this to a needy organisation as well.


“This workshop reminded me of the potential I have and that no-one is without potential”

“From now on I will be honest with myself and be proactive to inspire others with positive thinking”

“I’ve learned not to be hopeless in my thinking”

“It has taught me how to communicate with others and LEAD my team”

“Learning to LEAD my finance was the important part for me, because I’ve learnt how to spend my money and save for the future”

“I’ve learned not to give up” 

“I now realized that as a father I need to make better choices for myself, because the choices I make today also have an impact on my two children.  And I really want to be a better father.”

“I am normally a very short tempered person, but the past three days, I started being more patient and listened to others. I realized that I’m now thinking more before I act and I’ve learnt that my thinking controls my feelings and my feelings show themselves in my actions.”

 “I used to be very negative. Before I attended the training I was just about to go back to my old way of doing things, but I’ve changed my mind-set. I think differently now and have a different approach to things and how I respond towards things here in prison.”

 “I realized I can still do something for someone, even when I’m in prison.”

 “I value myself more now, I am more confident. I realized that I don’t have to live up to people’s negative expectations and labels they put on me. I’m taking control of my life pen. I’ve learned that I can make a massive impact not only in my live, but other people’s lives as well”.

 “I realized that change starts with me. I need to change myself.”

 “I’ve learned that as a leader, I need to take responsibility. I’ve learned about characteristics of a leader like trust, respect, being humble, etc.”


…And more Impact data to follow as the training PROJECT continues in the Western Cape, S.A