A thrilling email arrived this week from Saidu, who lives in Sierra Leone. It came three years after Emerging Leaders ran a training in the capital city, Freetown. 

Saidu was eager to tell us about the amazing impact the Leadership Training had had on his life. 

He didn’t leave the 3 day training having just studied the subject of Leadership, he left ready to LEAD his life and find answers to some of the complex problems in his traumatised community. 



View of Freetown

Hello Sir, i’m very happy to find you on line and to make contact once again

I was one of the most active youth in the country recently,  joining the government to fight the deadly Ebola virus disease, and we give thanks to God we are now free and safe from EVD.




My leadership steps started after the 3 days intensive transformational youth LEADERSHIP for HOPE training organised by NAPPC and run by Emerging Leaders in 2012.

I was deeply motivated and inspired by that training and these are some of the things I have done since that training.  So far I have –

– Brought this training to over 1,000 young people across  the country, in schools and communities

– Started and now mentor over 20 youth groups,

– Organise community social youth mobilisations

– Commissioned as a youth millennium development ambassador for MDGs

– Set up an income generating activities for myself and other youths called Creative Line Construction and Trading Enterprise and also a member of Emerging Leaders Focus Team SL for Radio and TV programmes.


Teams of volunteers cleaning the streets of Freetown

Your leadership training taught me to take leadership steps in my life. 

Best Regards to you and the EL Team

Saidu aka salone 

(Youth Ambassador)