“I started a merry-go-round savings group with other women. I’m saving for my little child’s school fees when she grows up…”.

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“The training taught me to be part of the solution to personal and society problems in my life…”.

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“The training opened up my mind to the power of working together. I teamed up with five of my friends and started saving each week. Our plan at the end of the year is to own two handcarts, which we will be using to collect garbage in the area at a fee from the tenants. The training also helped me in accounting for my little wage in the family affairs”.

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Emerging Leaders Has worked in 13 Sub Saharan Countries

People inspired to help in their communities

94% were inspired to take action to lead their lives by setting up an income generating project or community benifiting project

UK training with Children and Young people – equipping them with the Motivation, Mindsets and Skills to LEAD their lives

Emerging Leaders Has worked in 3 Indian Cities


“I gained knowledge on the importance of working together, rather than going it alone in my life. I also changed the perception I had towards others”.
“After the training, I engaged my neighbors in discussions on how we could improve on hygienic condition of our area. This was taken positively and as we speak now the area is tidy each moment due to the effort of a few members. I also changed my perception on who a leader is and what he/she should do i.e. being a mirror to others. I shared the training skills on entrepreneurship with others and at this moment some are now selling vegetables to earn a living”.
“I taught my wife about every aspect of the training and since then we have started saving some cash for a project. I also taught our t church members and each of them has used it. On the eve of our last training, I brought together the people I live with in our apartment and we were able to install a security light and also bought two litter bins for our waste. This has transformed the lives of people around”.
“Initially before the training I could not manage how to spend my little salary, but after the training I learnt a lot and joined a savings group…this has changed my life”.
“The training gave me hope not to fear obstacles in one’s life. It made me feel the importance of working in a group rather than alone…and helped me to go forward and become a youth leader”.
“Since I graduated from the training on leadership, I was able to change my perception about my current job, which earlier I thought to be inferior and of low income. I later learnt that with the little cash I earn, I could develop a bigger project in future….I changed my thinking and became more hopeful”