“My Leadership Step is to feed a group of homeless men in my neighbourhood”


Baby-steps matter when you’re a toddler taking your first tentative steps; falling and struggling to your feet, again and again… and we watch and cheer every tiny faltering steps with big smiles on our faces.
Each step matters. Each step makes the child stronger, until they become pros

Leadership is like a muscle that becomes strong through a million tiny steps. When we’re using our leadership it grows with each courageous step we take. But when leadership is absent or inactive, then no one benefits.

Our own unique and awesome potential is waiting to burst into life, waiting to wake up and become visible. When leadership is alive, we see real tangible changes in peoples lives. We see people LEADING themselves to make the world a better place, a bigger place and a thriving place.

An Emerging leaders team have just returned from India, where they’ve been bringing timeless leadership principles into 10 garment factories in Bangalore and Chennai. As a result of the training we noticed, almost immediately, that people changed the way they felt about themselves, their relationships and their community.

People started taking ‘baby steps’ in their leadership and we saw some exciting results….
– one woman took her first step to a better relationship with her husband, by finding the courage to talk to him about their struggling family finances (a scary step for her)
– another took a step to commit to allowing her daughter to study at college and not to marry her off
– another took the step to start a recycling project for the 100 homes in her block of flats

All these STEPS will have massive consequences for many lives.

And here’s a real feedback story that arrived from India yesterday….


“Hi, I’m Prasanth (your translator), it gives me great pleasure to share my success story with you.
After the training my first project have been successfully accomplished with three of my close friends. It took almost one and half weeks to accumplish. We provided dinner for 20 men who are staying in a shelter for homeless people. We prepared food for them and happily served them. And now I’m feeling a new prasanth within myself. I can feel my passion for others and who am I and the reason I was born to this earth. Now I can feel my potential is growing bigger and bigger. Im slowly fighting aginst my ‘poverty thinking’ which keeps me low. More than anything god gave me the courageouse to do such a radical thing. Thank you so much for your inspirational thoughts and speech. Its changed me a lot. Now I’m happy not because of how I am now, but what I’m doing…

Thank you……!

Every good leadership-step matters, because everyone wins, everyone benefits.