LEAD NOW is the new EMERGING LEADERS programme for Children aged 8-13 years.

It equips children with the motivation, mindsets and skills to LEAD their lives and right now this programme is being piloted in the UK and Kenya.



Colin and John meeting in Kenya – Colin heading up the UK pilot and John running the Kenyan LEAD NOW programme for Emerging Leaders

UK Headteacher, Colin Tapscott, is heading up the LEAD NOW pilot in 5 Suffolk schools and he writes….

“Every day I have children, even at a young age, arrive at my primary school who have already lost their hopes and dreams and their aspiration for good grades at school. One of the things that I have become acutely aware of is that we will only help children remember to dream again and therefore change the attainment of children, once we teach them how to LEAD themselves.

They need to recognise their potential once again and want to achieve it themselves. We can’t do it for them.

We’ve tried a range of strategies and interventions to try to help them focus on what they could achieve, but none have really helped them. That is until using the Emerging Leaders ‘Lead Now’ material with some of our children.

The concepts are simple; a) helping children understand they have POTENTIAL and, b) developing HEART & CHARACTER, c) spotting SMALL THINKING (Poverty Thinking), that crushes potential, and replacing with LEADERSHIP MINDSETS. This helps them recognise themselves as a leader and that they can LEAD themselves through the everyday challenges that they face. The mixture of stories, simple activities and teaching around these concepts has begun that journey of transformation.

We trialled it with some of our children, who need help managing their behaviour, self esteem & confidence. Some of them are our most challenging children and yet we have already seen impact. For example, one boy who had difficulty with his behaviour, found the story of a boy called Ben, who changed from an angry boy to a successful surgeon, thoroughly captivating. When I asked about his favourite part of the story, he said, “Angry Ben is a bit like me. Angry Ben improved his behaviour and so am I.” Not only did he have some self realisation, but he was right. The half term before Lead Now he had 21 poor behaviour incidents. The half term since being on Lead Now he has had only 7. Of course he still struggles at times, but this material really has the potential to help a child LEAD themselves. Another child, who never before could voice his aspirations, was able to identify his strengths and a job he’d like to do which matched them.

I can see a mindset change in this group, which excites me and the data supports this too.

In the first term, 50% of the group had improved attendance, 42% improved their rates of progress and 50% improved their behaviour. So I have started using the principles in whole school assemblies, with 600 children and staff and we will be running it intensely with our 10 year olds and some other target areas from September.

We’ve already seen the impact in our trial group and we are excited by its potential to help children dream again and to aim high”.


…And more impact data to follow from Nairobi and UK schools.


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POTENTIAL IS LIKE A SEED – it has everything within it to grow into something magnificent. Every child has amazing potential