LEAD NOW is the new Emerging Leaders programme that teaches children (aged 8-13), how to LEAD themselves and LEAD their relationships, right now!

When we look at education systems worldwide and their underlying beliefs about what children need, what do we see?…. what story is being written?

So often we see a story that is driven by a single-minded pursuit for high academic grades, at any cost, and a Victorian legacy of what it means to ‘educate’ a child, that puts the needs of adults before those of the child, with little or no focus on helping children to truly THRIVE .

Children are not baby adults who need to be raced through their early years. They are more like seeds full of life and possibilities, waiting to grow, needing to be nurtured across their childhood.



During 2016, Emerging Leaders launched LEAD NOW both in Kenya and the UK, directly impacting over 1,000 children, each child receiving 15 hrs of the programme.

They learnt about their amazing POTENTIAL, how to develop good HEART & CHARACTER, to see themselves as LEADERS of their own lives and also discover a sense of self-pride that comes from helping others, so they can become ACTIVE YOUTH CITIZENS, by creating a small project for the benefit of others.

The programme’s intention was to build Self-Worth & develop Empathy and learn to think like good leaders – becoming proactive, focused, a problem solver, growing creativity and courage, awakening self belief and learning how to ‘rise strong’ when life knocks you down.


Trainer John, teaching children to believe in their great and unique potential

Impact: In Kenya, at the end of the programme, 97% of the 366 children surveyed in one school said they felt much more confident and that they understood themselves better.

At the start of the programme, 41% of the pupils rated themselves with a #1 on a happiness scale (#1=low happiness) and at the end, 65% awarded themselves a #5 (high happiness score) and 25% of this group had made the jump from a low #1 to a high #5 (88 children).

After the first 4 weeks of the programme, school attendance went from 339 instances of absenteeism down to 179 (over a 4 week period).

There was a 27% increase in submitted homework and reported instances of ‘indisciplined behaviour’ to the deputy head teacher, went from 8-10 per week in almost zero in three weeks.



The most surprising evidence of change came after the training on Heart & Character, when it was noticed by trainer John and staff, that children with lunch food (only 30%), started sharing their lunch-boxes with those who had no food. This was a moving show of empathy and an understanding of the teaching that, ‘Good Leadership exists for the benefit of others’. By the end of the 5 month long intervention the school had created a lunchtime feeding programme for everyone – this is Good Leadership in action

By the end of the programme 99% of the children had started and completed a small project. These projects ranged from rearing a few rabbits, to helping younger children with homework on a regular basis, building a school garden or crocheting pencil cases for sale and then using that money to help buy school shoes for those in need.

The future leaders of communities and whole nations are with us now, so let us invest well in these children and help them become great assets to our world.

Strong effective and courageous leaders enable individuals, communities and ultimately nations to thrive and become the best that they can be


For the full Impact Data Report from Kenya, email jane@emerging-leaders.net

For a short youtube of Jane talking about LEAD NOW visit https://youtu.be/IhKo3Y4_M5Q