Following a 3 day LEADERSHIP training for 50 people, in the Township of Grabouw, an hours drive from Cape Town, SA, an eager group formed themselves into a small co-operative to start a chicken business – selling old birds for local stew-pots.




18 months on, Emerging Leaders’ trainer, Tim Walker returned to Grabouw to follow up on the story of the intrepid group.

Plagued by set-backs and inevitable challenges that threatened to disband the group, they managed to use their training to LEAD themselves through some pretty turbulent times….and on to a stronger more sustainable business platform.



The Grabouw Township bathed in cold morning light

Around ten from the training went on to create the small income generating project that they called Chickens4U. The group used so many of the leadership mindsets that they’d learnt during the training. But they have had some huge challenges, so it was incredible to hear how well they were doing and how they had overcome their set backs.


They have made the most of their influential partners to secure 500 chickens every other month at a purchase price of R44 and although there are only five members of the original project left, these people have worked through the complexities of working as a Team and delivering a Project which has been beset by the death of one of the most committed and connected members of the team (this was their lowest moment).


Over the last year they have scaled back the amount of chickens they sell, down from 1000 back to the original 500. This was caused by the loss of their secure overnight storage facility. So they needed to cut back on their customer base and make them focus on re-establishing a firm and committed bunch of customers.

The challenge of storing live chickens made it necessary to take pre-orders to ensure that their cash flow stayed tight. They focused on keeping their birds healthy and getting a good reputation for high quality.

Such was the quality of their product that they have been able to increase the price of those sold within the township, up from R60 to R70 and have sourced an outlet on one of the local farms where people are willing to pay R100 per chicken (obviously they have to deliver to the farm but with the guarantee of sales this means even more profit for little expense).


The team report that the Leadership for Hope training, and especially the Mindsets of a good leader, served them well throughout the difficult days.

  1. They watched out for POVERTY thinking/mindsets that would have whispered, “give up, give up”
  2. They stayed PROACTIVE at all times
  3. They remained FOCUSED throughout….and
  4. They noticed that those who did not have a change of HEART & CHARACTER, were the ones who left the group. But those who learnt to weed the gardens of their Heart & Character every day stayed and became strong….and grew in learning and courage


Their finances have been challenged, but now with a stable cash flow they are confident of having a handle on where they stand and are undertaking this with renewed confidence….

And it’s truly amazing to see what courageous LEADERSHIP can achieve”


– Tim Walker


The Grabouw group that completed their Leadership training