David (see above), was invited to attend a CCL training recently, run near his home by Lake Naivasha, in Kenya. The 4 module training (4 half days), was run by Anna one of our EL trainers

CCL stands for a Certificate in Community Leadership.

David learnt that as tough as his life is, he it FULL of awesome potential. He has within him the answers to many of the problems that he faces.

He learnt that he can overcome the WALLS of HOPELESSNESS that he bumps up against in his life, when he starts to see himself as the LEADER of his own life….when he says to himself, ”Hey, I am a Leader. I am the author of my own life. I can lead myself out of my hopeless thinking. I can be an asset to myself, my school, my family and my community.”

During the training David learnt how to set up a project and become an young entrepreneur.

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PROJECT: Chicken Rearing

I have started a chicken rearing project. I was trained one and a half months ago and I decided after the training to start a chicken project. I started with three chickens, 2 cocks and a hen. I bought some 10 eggs for the chicken to hatch and I got 6 chicks all together. Unfortunately 4 chicks were snatched by an eagle (they are very common in our area because of Lake Naivasha). All businesses have risks as Anna taught us so I haven’t lost all hope yet. Looking on the bright side I still have a hen which is laying an egg daily. I have a healthy cock and two chicks which I will soon be able to sell. I hope that my project will do well as I want to start paying for my own school fees and not rely on my brother for everything.


  • Feeding the chickens is proving to be hard work. For you to have healthy disease free chicken, you need to feed them quality foods which are costly to buy so I have to make do with what I can get. My brother helps out when he can.
  • My chicken coup is not the very best there is. I built it from scraps I scavenged around our neighborhood. I feel that it is not adequate for the chicken to stay in but I hope I will be able to make a better structure when my project starts doing well.
  • Security for my chicken is also an issue. Due to the conditions of the structure, cats, dogs and other animals can easily get access to the coup at night. I have tried to cover all openings carefully to avoid theft.

What Has Changed in My Life After CCL (Certificate in Community Leadership)?

  • I am very happy now that I have a project running. I got this idea after being trained.
  • I have been having a little pocket money now that I have started selling my eggs to the nearby kiosks.
  • I am more focused in school and goal oriented. I started a study group in my school immediately after being trained.
  • To add on that, the students elected me as the incoming head boy.
  • I plan to teach all that I learnt to the Prefect body so that we can lead the school better.