Stephen Aduda, wearing green, is an Emerging Leaders trainer. Recently he’s been investing our Leadership Training into a group of youth in his neighbourhood in Nairobi, who had the reputation as being thieves and “no-goods” in the community. And now, these guys are writing a different story for their lives. They are LEADING themselves and their relationships. They are running night security teams and using their sharp entrepreneurial skills to make an honest and respectful living.

The 4 module programme is called, A Certificate in Community Leadership and trains people to….

1. Lead themselves 2. Lead Teams, 3. Lead their Finances, &, 4. Lead a Project (to benefit their community). 

“They all have awesome potential. I saw it in them and I told them, I BELIEVE IN YOU”, said Stephen. “Even when others in the community shook their heads and said I was wasting my time, I looked them in the eye and said, ‘What are you doing for them, they need a chance and the knowledge to see that they can make a new start and write a story of tangible HOPE, that will bring a better future for us all’ “. 

Thanks Stephen, great work!